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Your old car is about to die - Johny buys it!


Give new life to your old car! - Johny recycles it

Old parts of your car will be used for other vehicles and the metal will be transformed to produce other objects. An ecological and profitable act.

Used car

We buy your old car.

Auto parts

Some auto parts can still be used.

Damaged car

The best place to get rid of it.


Every little gesture for the planet counts.

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Recycled vehicles


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Simple steps...

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Simple process!

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    Let's evaluate

    Give us a call or send us photos of your damaged or used vehicle. Or even the parts you want to recycle. We can come by appointment to assess the value of your vehicle and take it on one of our trailers. We have been in the recycling industry for over 15 years!

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    Cash in ...

    You will get a generous offer and we will schedule a pickup day. You will be surprised of the generosity of our offer. We guarantee our price is one of the most competitive you would receive. And do you know what? You will be paid cash immediately… and yes, so is Johny!

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    Goodbye Lemon

    Once the offer is accepted, we will pick up your vehicle with our trailer, or the parts we have evaluated. You won't have to worry about getting around. All the completed legal forms will then be delivered to you personally. We take care of simplifying the deal for you.

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We can tow your car as soon as possible!

Our garage is located on the south shore, but we move in greater Montreal are and Montérégie. Thanks to our new trailers, we take care of your vehicle.

At Johny Auto Recyclage

We also buy parts like...


Aluminum rims


Exhaust pipes

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